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Recycled Fabrics

Recycled Fabrics

  • Greenza Groups is one of the companies who recycles pre consumer waste into Recycled Fabrics. Recycling has always been considered an environment friendly practice. Recycled Fabrics are made from existing garments that were otherwise destined to be disposed.
  • Each fabric we manufacture is sustainable. Be it the Recycled Cotton Fabric or Recycled Yarn, we bring to you everything eco-friendly.
  • Recycling reduces the waste disposed. Many times, certain fabrics make use of chemicals during preparation that does not get decomposed. Such fabrics should especially be recycled. Sustainable practices of this sort are environment friendly.
  • If these textiles are sorted, graded and reused again to make fabrics for different end uses it is called recycled fabric.
  • Use of recycled fabrics have significant importance as it provides both environmental and economic benefits.

The environmental benefits for Recycled fabrics

With the re-use of recycled fabrics in manufacturing processes or in consumption cycles, there is a strong decrease of CO2 emissions compared to the production of virgin materials.

Another benefit is that the garments created from recycled cotton can be recycled again and again with very less or no degradation of quality, thus allowing to minimise wastage.


  • Material: Recycled Cotton
  • Type: Depends on the material
  • Colour: Multiple/Single Colour
  • Pattern: Plain
  • Yarn Type: Recycled Yarn
  • GSM: 140 – 220 GSM
  • DIA: 16” – 40”

Can you recycle fabric?

Despite almost every kind of fabric being recyclable. Donation is one form of recycling fabric, but fabric can also be recycled in other ways. Companies can cut up old fabric scraps into rags, using them to clean various machinery and vehicles. Another way fabric can be recycled is by cutting it up into tiny strips and then turning into insulation. Yes, incredibly, your old sweatshirts can be turned into recycled fabric that’s literally used to heat houses and other buildings!