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Recycled Fibres
Save the planet together with us

With Greenza Group, the cotton waste no longer has to go to waste. The Future is Recycled.

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Recycled Yarns
Spectrum of Yarns

Different colors of Recycled Yarns produced for different Industries.

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Recycled Fabrics
Fashion for both People and Plants.

High Quality Fabrics produced using Modern Machines.

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Go Green with Recycling…
Greenza Group
Welcome to Greenza Group

Our Capabilities

Greenza Group operates across many sites and is primarily involved in the textile industry. We manufacture Recycled pre-dyed Fibres, Yarns and Fabrics in various Blends & colours. We aim to choose the highest quality sustainable fabrics to best meet your everyday business needs. We offer the knowledge and expertise to provide expert consultation and recommendations to help you produce the perfect material for your needs.

Our Production Capacity
tons of fibres
tons of yarns
tons of fabrics
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About Us

We Provide Trusted & High Quality Materials

Greenza is a leading manufacturer of Recycled pre-dyed Fibres, Yarns, Fabrics and a major leader in the textile sector. We are using the latest technology of pulling lines to produce the best quality Recycled fibres for different industries. We provide the blended fibre options, supply chain ability and waste reduction program to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Greenza has continually developed with innovation and diversification, yet always being at the forefront of the textile industry. It is our pragmatism, ambition and our understanding of our global customer’s needs that has established Greenza as a name synonymous with world-class quality products.

Greenza Group


Years of Experience.

What makes us different?

We are the leading manufacturer of Recycled pre-dyed Fibres, Yarns, Fabrics and a major leader in the textile sector.

We achieve through customer delight by excellence in manufacturing and customer service.
We take a huge listing of all the things we need to complete your project: idea, patterns and snips.
Quality Standard
Quality assurance is carefully learned in every process and is every employee’s passion.
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