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About Us

About Us

We Provide Trusted & High Quality Materials

Greenza is a leading manufacturer of Recycled pre-dyed Fibers, Yarns, Fabrics and a major leader in the textile sector. We are using the latest technology of pulling lines to produce the best quality Recycled fibers for different industries. We provide the blended fiber options, supply chain ability and waste reduction program to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Greenza has continually developed with innovation and diversification, yet always being at the forefront of the textile industry. It is our pragmatism, ambition and our understanding of our global customer’s needs that has established Greenza as a name synonymous with world-class quality products.

Greenza Group


Years of Experience.

Greenza Group

Greenza at a Glance

Greenza started it’s first operations in 2013. Greenza Group operates across many sites and is primarily involved in the textile industry. Greenza is a manufacture of Recycled pre-dyed Fibers, Yarns and Fabrics in various Blends & colours.

Greenza Group aims to save the environment from overflowing landfills by creating environmental solutions and sustainable fabrics that are produced from fabric waste, etc.

We collaborate with industry leaders to identify cutting edge renewable textile technologies and implement processes and methods to reduce, reuse, recycle our existing waste into textiles. In doing so, we make sustainability accessible for fashion brands and high volume apparel businesses to contribute.

Why Choose Us

Our choice that will make the difference

Our Vision

We envision a world without waste, where cultural and technological advancements reduce the environmental and social impacts of every aspect of human consumption. Our products, services and people will be the most valued by textile customers around the world.

Our Mission

We seek to lead a sustainable revolution through apparel. We build on a one-decade history and singular focus on the textile sector to bring customers quality products, services and a commitment to their businesses.

Our Core Values

We Provide quality and affordable textiles to industries around the world and to establish sustainability as a wide spread and competitive industry.

Our Management

Mr. Senthilraja Ramasamy

Mr. Senthilraja Ramasamy


Mr. Senthilraja joined Greenza in 2013 and was appointed as chairman in September 2017. Throughout this time he has held a variety of progressive positions throughout the company organization and responsibility of Greenza’s Management & Global services. He is able to broaden his vision and business perspective to lead the Group to newer heights. He holds an MBA Degree from Madras University, India.